Public transport in Playa Albir

Playa Albir



To take a taxi in Spain is very reasonable priced. A taxi from Playa Albir to Benidorm will cost about 8,- euro. When you are with four persons to take one taxi you should seriously consider to do so, because of the low-priced ride per person. Try always to make good arrangements with the taxi driver if you want to make a long drive.

There is 1 taxi stand in Playa Albir and is situated in the main street right before the restaurant "MIRAMAR"

Public bus transport

Much cheaper in Spain is going by bus. The most important bus from Playa Albir is "bus route 10" in Spanish "Linea 10" .  With this bus route you can go from one side to Benidorm and when you go from the other side you will arrive in Altea. The bus starts at 8.30 hour and will make a stop every 30 minutes at different places in Playa Albir. The buses are moderately comfortable with air conditioning and a single ticket will cost you 0,80 eurocent. In Benidorm or Altea you can change your bus route to another destination. A very popular destination by bus is the shopping centre "La Marina and Carefour" in the little place called Finestrat. To get there by bus from Benidorm you have to take bus route12 (centro commerciales). For any further information about all possible bus connections you can go to the tourist office just across the restaurant "Manolo" in the centre of Albir.