Getting to Playa Albir

Playa Albir




Going to Playa Albir by car is a good possibility. From Eindhoven you have to drive about 1900 kilometres. The fastest way to get to Albir by car is through the highway. The straight route through the highway is: Luxemburg, Metz, Nancy , Dyon, Lyon, Orange, Narbonne until Perpignan and Spanish border. The route by car is then going through Barcelona, Salou, Valencia direction Alicante. About 50 km before Alicante you are leaving the highway at Altea (exit 64) . From Altea it is 5 km to Playa Albir. A good advice is to take your time and plan the trip in at least two days. Along this route there are many bed and breakfast hotels, where you can stay and rest for the night and go on fit the next morning. A few good and cheap hotels for example along the French highway are Formule 1 and Etap. For any further information about the hotels you can go to and . In France and Spain are these highways not for free. You have to pay for a single route about 100 euro for toll. Be aware of the so called Black Saturdays in the high season because there will be many traffic-jams on the highway.

It is also possible to get to Albir through other routes as an alternative. The national ways in France and Spain are in good condition. When you take the inland route to the Costa Blanca you have to take into account that you are driving for three days. Preferable is not to take the alternative way along the Spanish coast because there are many Spanish trucks driving. It is better to choose a route through the inland of Spain. This route has also enough hotels to stay one night and to take some rest for mind and body.  

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A cheap alternative is to travel by bus. Different tour operators are offering you the possibility to go to the Costa Blanca by bus without accommodation to stay the night over. Mostly are these buses royal class and very comfortable. A few good examples of those tour operators are Solmar tours and Snoeyink. For any further information see the websites and . The buses are leaving on Friday afternoon and will be there on Saturday afternoon. There are no stops to get off in Playa Albir but there is a main stop in Benidorm and at that place you can take a taxi to your final destination (about  6 km). Depending on the circumstances of the season is the price for a return ticket about 140,- euro per person.    


The fastest way to go to Playa Albir is to take a 2-hour flight to Alicante. You are booking a round-trip ticket at your travel agency or directly by internet and after a flight of two hours you have arrived at the airport of Alicante. Now you are about 60 km from your final destination and to get there you have the following possibilities. You booked together with your flight at the same time a return ticket by bus from the airport to Benidorm, you can take a taxi from the airport to your final destination, or you go from the airport to Benidorm by the new public bus connection ( departure time see below), and also there are many companies at the airport of Alicante to rent a car.

Indication of the travel costs.

  •   Round-trip ticket Alicante by air: depending on the season about 200,- euro
  •   return ticket by bus Alicante - Benidorm: travel agency 17,- euro, public 12,- euro
  •   Taxi Benidorm - Playa Albir : 9,- euro single ticket
  •   Taxi Alicante - Playa Albir : 70,- euro single.

Public bus connection Alicante - Benidorm ( ALSA BUS ).

  • departure from Benidorm : 8.00 - 12.00 - 16.00 en 20.00 hour
  • departure from Alicante : 10.30 - 14.30 - 17.30 en 21.30 hour

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