Playa Albir









An enormous amusement park where the five oldest civilizations round the Mediterranean Sea will be reproduced. These themes are represented in roller coasters, pirate islands, shows ……etc. Tickets are available in the offices for tourists or directly at the cash desk at the park.


A few examples

“Caballo de Troya” (The Trojan Horse) is the name of the show which you can see in the theme park Terra Mitica in Benidorm since the end of August. The show is full of passion and fire , and the story about the poet Homerus from the Greek ancient history is told on a romantic way. The show will be performed in a room by twelve dancers and actors and the group has the same name as the show namely “Caballo de Troya”. This is situated next to the attraction  “El Recate de Ulises”, in the part “Las Islas”. Another new show is called “El Caballo Andaluz” (The Andalusian Horse); a presentation of dressage of the riding academy. The horse with the name “Bombón” is showing the most important paces of the Spanish dressage , from the own Spanish pace to the short and long gallop. Also figures , like the salute , the bow and even a little dance , will be great performed by Bombón. All this is happening on two compositions of classic music from  Manuel de Falla and a few modern pieces of music. The show takes totally 15 minutes.


The theme park “Terra Mítica” has started the new season with three new attractions. It concerns the three following performances that takes place in "Circus Máximus".
The show “Los Idus de Marzo” is the story about the sacrifice from a magician in Rome during the rule of the emperor Nero. Further you can see horse races and how the roman soldiers were instructed military in the past. Also acrobatic dancers are performing in the show and two really big monsters are covering the spectators with fire and smoke effects. The show with more than 30 artists and 20 assistants is twice a day.

The second new show is “La Caza del Aguila” (the hunting of the eagle). Here is it possible for the spectators accompanied by international well known falconers to observe how the eagles , falcons , hawks and owls are flying and are hunting.
And the third new show is the musical show “El Talismán de Antígona”.
With this musical they want to teach the children of primary and secondary education and to introduce to them the world of the classic Greek theatre.